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I always get lots of emails asking how to best prepare for your fall outdoor photoshoot. Here are 10 tips! These tips could apply to all types of outdoor sessions, not just fall!

Top 10 Tips for your fall photo session

Tip #1: Know when the fall leaves are predicted to be at their peak for your area. This year that is expected to be the very last weekend of October here in central Alabama. Most people expect there to be lots of leaves changing at the beginning of October and that just isn’t the case where we live. So talk to your photographer and ask them what weekend they think is best to schedule if the fall colors are important to you.

Tip #2: Pick the right location for the look you desire. If beautiful fall foliage is something your heart desires then let you photographer know so that they can recommend their favorite spot for that purpose. Also, many locations, like wide open fields with tall grass are beautiful in the fall!

Tip #3: The time of day really matters for the look you desire. Do you want a beautiful sunset photo? The sun sets earlier in the fall so check the hourly forecast and make sure you plan accordingly! The best times are usually during golden hour: 1 hour after sunrise or 1 hour before sunset… Unless there is a lot of shade, in which case you’d want to plan for about 2 hours before sunset. Your photographer will be able to tell you the ideal time for the location you’d like.

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Tip #4: Wear fall and neutral colors. Here’s a link to my pinterest board for inspiration! Shoes matter! Make sure your shoes and socks coordinate. I put some examples of that on the board as well.

Tip #5: Wear layers! Always check the weather. On any given day in the deep south it could be 80 degrees or 40 degrees in the fall. Have a plan for each weather situation. Plan for it to be warm but bring a layer to add if its cool like sweaters. Also, remember, if your shoot is in the late afternoon the temps will be dropping so it may be best to even check the hourly forecast. Bring a sweater that coordinates but isn’t too bulky that you can put on or take off. Bring a nice neutral color blanket for your young babies. If it’s going to be super cold, bonnets and hats are always so sweet on the babies!

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Tip #6: Eat and Sleep! Make sure your children have had plenty to eat before your shoot. It may not be meal time until after your shoot so please feed them a protein filled snack. We don’t want anyone to be hangry! (angry and hungry 😉 ) Also, go to bed on time the night before and if your child still naps, make sure they get a good long nap that day! Plan ahead for this.

Tip #7: Bring a snack, drink, and favorite toy! When working with young children it’s always best to be prepared with things they like and are comforting to them in a new situation. All kids love food and treats and this usually helps them warm up to the situation. If they have a favorite toy or lovey be sure to bring it. You’ll be thankful years from now that you had them captured with one of their special items- plus it’s comforting!

Tip #8: Talk to your older kids beforehand and practice smiling and posing. Let them know what to expect- to have fun and smile your real smile! Laughing and telling jokes is always expected 🙂

Tip #9: Get there early! Arrive early and walk around. This gives you a cushion in case you can’t find the location and it also helps your kiddos warm up to the new situation/landscape.

Tip #10: Relax! I know I just gave a whole list of do’s and dont’s but at the end of the day even if none of these things work out, it’s best to relax and have fun during your photoshoot. A happy and relaxed family is going to photograph beautifully even if none of the other things work out. We aren’t aiming for perfection because no ones family is perfect. We are aiming to capture your family having fun and enjoying one another. And if you’re child won’t smile, don’t stress, they will warm up eventually!

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I LOVED the colors we used for this newborn shoot! So beautiful!!

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